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Cardwell Couple Claim $1.4 Million 'Nest Egg'

Story Photo video icon audio icon To one Cardwell woman, “Richness is whenever your dishwasher breaks, you can buy another one.” Bonida Poynor can now purchase all of the appliances she desires, thanks to winning a $1.4 million Missouri Lotto prize.
The win came as a “huge surprise” to both Bonida and her husband Bob Poynor, owners of Mr. T’s Liquor Store, 510 Highway 412, in Cardwell. The couple, who have been married for 40 years, said selling winning tickets is “great for business.” When the store manager called Bonida to inform her that they sold a winning Lotto ticket, she was “really excited.”
Bonida let the store manager know that her husband was on his way to work, and she joked with her to “make sure and check his tickets.”
Moments later, “The phone rang again,” recalled Bonida. “She (store manager) said, ‘Are you sitting down?’” 
Worried that something might be wrong, Bonida braced herself for whatever was coming next. To her surprise, the store manager said that it was Bob’s Quick Pick ticket that matched all six numbers drawn in the April 20 Lotto drawing.
“Now, that’s not funny!” teased Bonida. “I am old. I could have a heart attack!”
After a few minutes of convincing, she began to realize that nobody was “playing a prank” on her, and she and her husband had just become instant millionaires.
Bonida said that her husband has a habit of purchasing Lotto tickets for each drawing and then handing the tickets over to the store manager for safe-keeping. The only difference this time was that the store manager was about to inform him that he had won.
Under Bonida’s direction, the store manager paged Bob on the speaker when he arrived to work.
“Bob saw her running to his office,” she explained, noting that she started to read the winning numbers when she arrived at his door. “He thought she was reading off a report from the terminal.”
According to the store manager, “The blood ran out of his face.”
“He called me and said, ‘I won the Lottery!’” Bonida shared. “It was a pretty exciting moment. I couldn’t wait to get to the store.”
The semi-retired store owners, whose son and daughter-in-law run the business, said that “nobody could work the rest of the day.”
“We couldn’t concentrate!” she exclaimed. “We just took the day off.”
The Poynors’ other child and five grandchildren “all quit what they were doing and drove over to the store to celebrate.”
 “We all ended up going to dinner together and being so excited!” beamed Bonida.

It wasn’t just the family that was excited. For selling the winning ticket, the store received a bonus check for $14,000, which is equal to 1 percent of their share of the advertised jackpot.

“We have 37 employees, and we’re going to split it with them,” said Bonida. “It comes
out to be about $375 a piece for each person.”

She declared that the windfall will provide “a nest egg for us in our retirement.”
“My husband’s been telling me for a very long time that he’s going to hit the Lottery,” she revealed. “I keep saying, ‘Yeah, I’ll be so old that they will come in the nursing home and tell me, ‘Bonida, your husband hit the Lottery,’ and I’ll say, ‘Bob, who?’”
Over laughter, she added, “Right now, I remember his name really well!
“I’m still floating on cloud nine. It’s a wonderful thing.”
Two Missouri Lotto tickets matched the winning Lotto numbers drawn to share the April 20 jackpot worth $2.8 million. Each winner received half of the winning jackpot, or $1.4 million, before taxes. The winning numbers were: 5, 14, 26, 31, 36 and 38. 
The Poynors are the 315th Missouri Lottery-made millionaire and the 202nd Missouri Lotto winner since sales began in 1986.
Michael McClanahan of Hurdland claimed the other winning Lotto ticket, which was sold at Pick-A-Dilly, 100 S. First St., in Edina.

Lotto is a twice-weekly Draw Game with jackpots that start at $1 million and grow until someone wins.

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