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St. Louis Man Inspired By Show Me Cash Win

audio icon Mark C. Camp of St. Louis is a regular Lottery player, but with a twist. He enjoys buying tickets on dates that hold meaning to him. He purchased a multi-draw ticket on one such date, Feb. 5, that resulted in a $147,011 Show Me Cash prize.
“It’s kind of fun to buy stuff when you remember when you bought it,” Camp explained.  “I bought the winning ticket on Feb. 5, which is significant to my dad.”
Lucky for him, the ticket was valid for 15 drawings. It was the final day of the ticket, Feb. 19, when his numbers were selected. The winning Show Me Cash numbers for Feb. 19 were:  5, 24, 28, 29 and 30. The numbers Camp chose were family birthdays. 
Camp, 51, returned to the store where he bought the ticket, Schnucks Market, 60 Hampton Village Plaza in St. Louis, on Feb. 27 and saw a Lottery sign indicating that a winning Show Me Cash ticket had been sold at the store. 
“Seeing the sign at the customer service counter saying, ‘This store sold a $147,000 winning ticket,’ I thought, ‘That could be me!’” he recalled. 
Camp later called his brother, Gene, and asked him to look up the numbers online. 
“As soon as he said five, I knew I won,” said Camp.

Gene read the rest of the numbers and confirmed his intuition.

“I told him that I won, and when he asked me if I was kidding, I said, ‘Well, look at the numbers.’”    

Gene recognized that the winning numbers were all family birthdays and voiced his awe. Then the realization began to set in.

“The palms of my hands got sweaty and my heartbeat raced. Then I thought, ‘Man, this is cool!’” relayed Camp.
Beyond the connection to meaningful dates and winning numbers, another theme was present with the win. Camp’s father always regarded the number 11 as lucky.
“The day that I actually won, I was working at Barnes Hospital, and they have a big fountain in their main foyer where people throw coins to make wishes. I threw 11 cents in. I had an identical twin who passed away a few years ago. I made a wish that my brother Mike wasn’t in any pain when he passed away. The second part of the wish was, ‘And oh, a little Lottery money would be nice.’
“Well, this amount that I won, it’s really kind of wild, it was $147,011,” he continued. “Also, the numbers match the date my parents got married - Jan. 11, 1947. So the numbers are all related: 11, 147 and 2011. Eleven shows up quite a bit.” 
Without a doubt, Camp will continue playing the Lottery. He said that his brother recently made him aware of the better odds associated with the Show Me Cash game. He’s only been playing the game for a few months and was pleased with the result.
“It’s nice,” said Camp. “When I scanned the ticket at the store and saw the amount, it was thrilling! As Craig Ferguson likes to say, ‘It’s a great day in America,’ I am saying it’s a great day in southwest St. Louis!” 
Show Me Cash” is a daily Numbers game with jackpots that start at $50,000 and grow until someone wins. Since the game began in September 2008, Camp’s jackpot is the 128th jackpot awarded. The 129th winning jackpot ticket worth $244,000 was sold in Troy on March 5.

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