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Lottery Sends $19.2 Million to Education

The Missouri Lottery transferred $19.2 million to the Lottery Proceeds Fund for public education programs during the past month.  The transfers totaled $19,259,927 and were based on proceeds from July ticket sales.

Since the Lottery began more than 24 years ago, it has generated more than $3.7 billion in proceeds for the state, including public education. 

For more information about where Missouri Lottery proceeds go, see the “Where the $ Goes” section.

Time Running Out to Redeem Eight Scratchers Tickets

Eight Scratchers games expire in September.  The games are:

Game 759, “Season’s Greetings” Expires Sept. 1
Game 760, “Merry Money” Expires Sept. 1
Game 761, “Ho Ho Bingo” Expires Sept. 1
Game 762, “Holiday Cash” Expires Sept. 1
Game 763, “Happy Holidays” Expires Sept. 1
Game 728, “$200,000 A Year For Life” Expires Sept. 17
Game 738, “$25,000 Bankroll” Expires Sept. 20
Game 743, “Fast Cash” Expires Sept. 20

For a complete list of expiration dates and games, visit the Expired Scratchers Games page.

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