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Columbia Man Uncovers $3,000 Prize at State Fair

Story Photo Friday the 13th might be an unlucky day for some people, but it’s a lucky day for one Columbia man.  Mike Miller, 31, said he goes to the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia one day each year with friends, and today was their outing.  Toward the end of the day, before leaving the fair, Miller and his friends stopped by the Missouri Lottery booth, where Miller was lucky enough to uncover a $3,000 Scratchers prize.
“First, I bought $5 worth of tickets, but I didn’t win anything,” said Miller, who is the fuel station manager for Hy-Vee, 405 E. Nifong Blvd., in Columbia. 

“My friend bought $10 (worth of tickets) and won $21, so I was mad that she won and I didn’t.  So I bought five more.”
As Miller scratched those tickets, the second one turned out to be the big winner.
“I was shaking,” he said.  “I probably won’t sleep tonight.”
When asked what he plans to do with his prize money, Miller said, “I don’t even know yet.”
Although his friend, Heather, spoke up and said, “He’s buying me dinner!”

"Triple Win, " a $1 Scratchers game with a top prize of $6,000, officially went on sale July 17.

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