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Being a "nice aunt" really paid off for a Smithton woman. On Tuesday, Angela DeWitt’s nephew asked her for some bubble gum, so she stopped in Ja Cee’s Express in Sedalia. After she used some birthday money she received from a friend to buy bubble gum and a toy gun for her nephew, DeWitt had some money left, so she bought herself one Missouri Lottery Scratchers ticket. That $5 "Casino" ticket turned out to be worth $10,000. DeWitt, 22, said she plans to "buy a little something" for the friend who gave her the birthday money. She also said she will use the money to pay bills, pay for Christmas presents, put some money in the bank and spend some for her daughter’s upcoming first birthday. "Casino," the Missouri Lottery’s second $5 Scratchers game, officially went on sale Aug. 12.

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