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Houstonia Man Wins '5X the Fortune' on Scratchers Ticket

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A quick visit to Break Time for cigars and a few Missouri Lottery Scratchers tickets proved to be a lucky errand for a Houstonia man.  Eric Blackburn, 43, made the stop at 2801 W. Broadway in Sedalia on June 26, leaving the store holding a ticket worth $5,000.

According to Blackburn, he followed his own “superstitious” system while scratching off the winning “5X the Fortune” game in his pickup truck outside the store.  While most players scratch off a ticket’s ‘Winning Numbers’ first, hoping to then find a match under the ‘My Numbers’ column, he generally does it a different way.

“I’m superstitious, and I do things weird,” he explained.  “I scratch off ‘My Numbers’ first.  Then I scratch the ‘Winning Numbers,’ and then I scratch off everything BUT what I won.”

He said saving the winning amount for last added a little excitement when he realized the prize tied to the “5X” symbol he had already uncovered was $1,000 – multiplying his total winnings to $5,000.

“I’ll keep a little for fun, but a majority of it will go for bills,” he said about plans for the unexpected prize money.  “That’s a stress relief.”

 “5X the Fortune,” which officially started March 27, is a $2 game offering a top prize of $25,000.  Three top prizes, as well as thousands of prizes between $2 and $5,000, remain in play.  Details about remaining prizes for all Missouri Lottery Scratchers games can be found at 

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