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St. Louis Man Cashes In On Fives

Story Photo A St. Louis man who had a good feeling about fives is giving high-fives all the way to the bank.  Melvin Campbell took a chance buying five Pick 4 tickets for the June 26 Midday Pick 4 drawing with the same combination - especially since a combination of four identical numbers has only been drawn once before in the history of the Missouri Lottery’s Pick 4 game.   But Campbell followed his hunch and purchased five tickets with the combination 5 – 5 – 5 – 5 at Phillips 66, 3700 Union Blvd., in St. Louis.  That was the winning combination drawn, and Campbell claimed five prizes of $6,000 each at the St. Louis Lottery office on June 29 for a total prize of $30,000. 
Incidentally, the only other time four identical numbers have been drawn in Pick 4 was also a set of fives.  The same winning combination was drawn on the evening of Oct. 24, 2000. 
Pick 4 is a twice-daily Numbers Game.  Players select four numbers between zero and nine, or have the computer select random numbers, and choose between a variety of play types.  The largest prize payout goes to players who match the combination of four numbers in exact order, or "Straight."

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