2000-04-21 11:03:31.6


A 61-year-old day care provider from Salina, Kan., can spend her weekend car shopping after claiming her prize for $25,000 tax paid* at the Missouri Lottery’s Independence office today. Lucille Reynolds won the game’s top prize by matching all five numbers drawn in last Saturday’s SHOW ME 5 drawing. Those numbers were: 4, 9, 10, 15 and 21. Reynolds purchased her winning ticket at Country Corner Fuel Stop in Cameron, when she stopped for gas. She let the computer randomly-generate the winning combinations. She and her husband, George, plan to use the money to buy a new car. To date, 853 SHOW ME 5 tickets worth $25,000 tax paid have been sold since the game began in 1994. * Twenty-eight percent federal and 4 percent state taxes are withheld from the total prize amount of $36,764.70 to provide $25,000 cash at the time of redemption. Depending on personal income, winners may owe additional taxes for the prize, or they may receive a refund.

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