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Rolla Man Covers for Co-Worker, Wins $4,000

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For Michael Rollins, covering for a co-worker indirectly led to a $4,000 prize on a Missouri Lottery Scratchers game.  The 30-year-old Rolla resident went to work four hours earlier than usual on April 23 – a move he credits with securing his win on a “Mega MONOPOLY™” ticket.

“I went in early to cover for someone who needed the day off,” he explained.  “I wouldn’t have been there at that station at that time if it wasn’t for that, and someone else would have gotten this money.”

According to Rollins, he stopped at Phillips MPC 48, 1906 N. Bishop Ave. in Rolla, to fuel up on the way to work that day and went with a “gut feeling” to purchase a Scratchers ticket while he was there.

When asked why he chose the “Mega MONOPOLY™” ticket, he said it was the game’s “big cash payout” that appealed to him.

“I have better luck with the bigger $10 and $20 tickets,” he added, before detailing how he plans to use his cash prize. 

“It’s going to be put in a bank account, and it’s going to be used to pay for bills,” he said.  “It couldn’t have happened at a better time, because my homeowner’s insurance is due in June.”

 “Mega MONOPOLY™” is a $10 game that officially began Aug. 29, 2009.  To date, four top prizes of $2,000,000 are still unclaimed.

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