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St. Louis Man Wins $10,000 Scratchers Prize

audio icon The next time Alberto Romero gets a feeling about a Lottery ticket, you can bet he’ll follow his gut.  The 58-year-old St. Louis man said "something told me to buy a ticket," so he followed up on his intuition and purchased $20 worth of Scratchers tickets on April 17. 
"All day long, something was telling my head, ’Go buy a ticket,’" recalled Romero. 
Romero eventually got the hint and traveled to Schnucks Market, 1020 Loughborough Ave., in St. Louis.  He trusted his feeling to direct him to the right machine and the right ticket. 
"I put $20 in the machine and bought two $10 scratch-offs," explained Romero. 
The first ticket he purchased, a $10 "Mega MONOPOLY™" ticket was not a winner.  He continued.  
"I said, ’Well, which one?’  Something told me to pick the ’100 Million Dollar Blockbuster’ ticket."
That was the lucky one.  Scratching the ticket in his car, Romero determined that the ticket was a winner with the first number he matched.   
"I’m scratching it off, and the first number I match is $500.  I said, ’Wow, I’m going back to the store and collect my $500.’  Then I scratched another number and matched that, too.  It was another $500.  I kept going, I kept going and it was all 20 of them matched $500."
Realizing his winning ticket was worth $10,000, Romero drove straight home and shared the news with his wife, Cathy.
"She was taking a nap and I woke her up and said, ’Look at this, lady!’  She was shocked.  She couldn’t believe it," Romero recalled. 
According to Romero, plans for the money include paying bills and saving a little back for a vacation. 
"I’ll save a little money and take a vacation with my wife.  We’ve earned it," he stated. 
As far as continuing the play the Lottery, Romero said that he would.
"I won’t get greedy," he said.  "I’ll keep playing my $10 or $15 a week, like I’ve been doing.  If I get another feeling, I’m definitely going to follow it." 
"100 Million Dollar Blockbuster" is a $10 game that officially began Sept. 26, 2007.  The game features a top prize of $1 million.  Although the game has been active for a few years, several top prizes remain in the game.  Players can track prizes remaining for this and all Missouri Lottery Scratchers games here at Molottery.com.

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