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$10,000 Lottery Prize Puts Player's Party Plans in Motion

Story Photo A Freeburg man is heading to the grocery store this weekend to prepare for a celebration.  Delbert Becker, 56, is $10,000 richer after uncovering the prize on a Missouri Lottery "Emerald Green 8’s" Scratchers ticket, and he is sharing his good fortune with his friends and family.

"I’m going to get some shrimp and have some people over to celebrate," he said.

The lucky Lottery winner not only took home a $10,000 prize on April 2, but he also won $25,000 in 2000 on a $2 Scratchers ticket.

Becker, who scratched off his most recent winning ticket in his vehicle outside of Casey’s General Store, 808 E. Highway 72 in Rolla, said he was "always hoping" for another Lottery win, but he was "in shock" after realizing lighting had struck for the second time.

"I told my girlfriend, and she said she wishes she could scratch off a winning ticket like that," he added with a chuckle.

As for how he will spend his windfall, aside from hosting a party, he plans to "get my girlfriend a new laptop and me a new boat." 

"I am feeling pretty good," he said.  "I will keep on playing.  I know the ’big one’ is still out there!"

"Emerald Green 8’s," a $5 game with a top prize of $88,000, officially began on July 18, 2009.  The game, which has two top prizes as well as thousands of prizes ranging from $5 to $10,000 remaining in play, offers players the chance to win up to 20 times on a single ticket.

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