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Cash Extravaganza Yields $1 Million Prize for Belleview Residents

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Together, Ruby McPeeks and her daughter Karen Green, both of Belleview, claimed the first of 10 $1 million prizes offered in the Missouri Lottery’s “$5,000,000 Cash Extravaganza” Scratchers game.  McPeeks purchased the winning ticket at 21 Express, a convenience store located at Highway 21 and W. North in Pilot Knob, on Feb. 27.

“Me and my sister (Rose) had went to town, and we stopped at 21 Express.  We both bought one each of the $20 tickets,” she said, referring to the Lottery’s “$5,000,000 Cash Extravaganza” and “$200,000 A Year for Life” Scratchers games.

Neither of the sisters held a winning ticket in their collection of four, but McPeeks just couldn’t shake the feeling that she needed to try again.

According to the retired factory worker, she thought “there has to be a winner in there,” and she headed back into the store to purchase one more ticket for each game.

The first ticket produced the same outcome as her earlier purchases, but McPeeks sat calmly in the car as the reality of the last ticket began to sink it.

When her sister asked if the final ticket was a non-winner, she simply replied, ‘No.  I won $1 million.’”

“(Rose) pulled off the road to look, and she went wild,” McPeeks laughed, recalling her sister’s reaction.  “I was so calm, but she went wild.  It was a great day!

“I would say this is the first Lottery ticket I’ve ever bought, but everyone would know I was lying,” she teased.  “We supplement our schools is what we tell everybody.”

Presented with the available options of collecting the $1 million prize in installments over the next 20 years or taking a lump sum payout of $620,000, McPeeks and her daughter opted for the lump sum payment.  Their ticket was the 292nd Missouri Lottery ticket redeemed for $1 million or more and the 44th to be cashed in on a Scratchers game.

 “$5,000,000 Cash Extravaganza,”  a $20 game that officially began Jan. 23, offers more than $119 million in available prizes, including three top prizes of $5 million. 

The Missouri Lottery generates nearly $1 billion a year in sales and contributes more than $200 million annually to Missouri public education programs, including the A+ Scholarship Program, Special Education Excess Costs and Vocational Technical Schools.  For a complete list of programs funded, go to

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