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Crawford County Woman Claims Lottery Game's First Top Prize

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On the very first day the Missouri Lottery’s newest rendition of the popular “Crossword” Scratchers game officially began, Paula Cason found herself holding a winning ticket for the game’s top prize of $50,000.  Cason, 62, purchased the winning ticket at Mace Supermarket, 200 N. Franklin, in Cuba on Feb. 27.

“I like ‘Crossword’ tickets because they take more time to play,” she said.  “You can kind of hold out hope a little longer.”

As she had done in the past, the retired Crawford County woman scratched her ticket at home while watching television.  As she worked her way through the ticket, she announced, “I think I won a lot of money.”

“I saw three words, so I knew I’d got my $3 back,” Cason said of the game that awards more prizes for each word uncovered.  “When I got to nine words… Oh!  Then when I got to 10 and 11, I looked down at the key and said, ‘Whoa!,’ then I looked down and counted again.”

According to her husband, Larry, that’s when the celebration started. 

“We were woo-hooing for a while,” he shared.  “Then our kids woo-hooed (over the phone).”

Privately, the couple has selected some local charitable causes in which to donate a portion of their winnings.

 “Crossword,” ® a $3 game that began Feb. 27, features more than $13 million in available prizes.  Further information on remaining prizes for all Missouri Lottery Scratchers games can be found at 

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