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A Cassville woman is relieved after scratching off a $25,000 prize on a "Holiday Bingo" Scratchers ticket she purchased Nov. 16. Mae Condray, 47, said she bought two "Holiday Bingo" tickets when she stopped in S.O.S Store, Highway 112 S. in Cassville, that day. "We’ll have a nicer Christmas," Condray said. "I’m going in for surgery next Monday, so it will come in handy all the way around." Condray, who works at a poultry processing plant in Butterfield, said she also plans to use her winnings to fix the siding and the plumbing on her home. "I was thinking about taking out a second mortgage, but now I won’t have to," she said. The Missouri Lottery’s $2 "Holiday Bingo" game officially started Nov. 4.

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