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Jefferson City Man Gives Himself $1,000 Gift

Story Photo audio icon Joe Moss of Jefferson City thinks Missouri Lottery Scratchers tickets make good gifts.  That’s why he gives them for birthday and Christmas presents. 
"They like getting them, as compared to socks that they don’t need or a pencil sharpener," explained Moss.  "They get a chance to have some fun." 
Moss purchased five $20 "$200,000 A Year For Life" Scratchers tickets on Christmas Eve at Bee Line Snack Shop, 5114 Old Lohman Road, in Jefferson City.  He gave four of the tickets as gifts, and ended up with a $1,000 winner for himself. 
"I had five of them in my hand, and I said, ’Guys, pick one.’  And the one that was left was $1,000 for me," recalled Moss. 
Describing himself as a regular player, Moss said that he has been buying the $20 tickets because of better odds of winning and the chance to win a large prize.  He said that he has won $1,000 a few times this year. 
"My alimony payments ended, so I have a little extra money to spend," teased Moss.  "Here’s my problem; I hate to walk into a store and think that that big winner is sitting there, first out."
Continuing to joke about his good fortune, Moss indicated that he was going to buy "a toupee and some teeth." 
"$200,000 A Year For Life" is a $20 game that officially began Jan. 31.  The ticket features a top prize of $200,000 a year for a minimum of 20 years or a lump-sum payment of $3 million.

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