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Laclede Man Discovers $50,003 Scratchers Prize

Story Photo audio icon For the second time this year, a man discovered a winning Scratchers ticket in a desk drawer that contained a sizable prize.  In January, Stanley Evans of Laclede pulled a Missouri Lottery "Triple Bingo" Scratchers ticket from his desk drawer and realized it was worth $1,003.  He pulled another ticket from the latest version of the same game out his drawer on Oct. 22 and discovered it held the top prize - $50,003. 
"Well, last night," began Evans, "I was going through there and I said, ’There’s a couple of tickets.  I can take them to work tomorrow for something to do.’  I scratched it off, and then I was really excited."  
Evans bought the ticket at Rudy’s Discount Smoke Shop, 511 S. Main St. in Brookfield.  He purchased it along with two others, which he stuffed into a drawer. 
"I bought it a while back," explained Evans.  "There were three tickets there and evidently the center ticket won.  I just stuck the other two back in the drawer, and I wasn’t paying no attention to it." 
Evans, 54, works at Brookfield Fabricating Corporation in the "bolt room."  After discovering his win, he took the remainder of the day off and enlisted the help of a friend to drive him to Jefferson City to claim his ticket.  Evans hasn’t made any plans for the money, but noted he would likely pay bills, buy a newer vehicle and "share my wealth." 
"You have to be at the right place at the right time," said Evans of his win.  "You just got to get lucky.  That’s all it is." 
"Triple Bingo," a $3 game with a top prize of $50,003, officially began on June 13.

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