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Excelsior Springs Man Uncovers $50,000 Prize

Story Photo audio icon An Excelsior Springs man is the latest winner of the top prize on a Missouri Lottery "Crossword" Scratchers ticket.  John Stoy, 53, purchased a ticket on his regular stop for gas and later uncovered the $50,000 prize.  Stoy bought the ticket on Oct. 7 at Bee Line Snack Shop, 1005 Isley Blvd. in Excelsior Springs. 

"It’s my local get gas and buy a ticket place, every once in a while," said Stoy. 

Stoy explained that he usually buys one Lotto ticket, one Powerball ticket and a $3 Crossword Scratchers ticket when he stops to fuel up.  He discovered he was a winner in the driveway of his home.

"I was sitting in the car and scratched it off," recalled Stoy.  "I pretty much didn’t believe what I was seeing.  I like to scratch one letter at a time, and gosh, the last letter was just what I needed."

This is the first big win for Stoy, who said he liked to play "Crossword" because it takes a little while to play the game. 

"I’d say I’m a regular ’Crossword’ player," said Stoy.  "It is just a fun game, and it seems like you get a challenge for your $3."  

Plans for the money include paying off some bills and letting his wife and kids "have a little fun."  When Stoy shared the news with his family, "there was a little cheer." 

"I told them that it seems like it’s always the other guy who has that winning something happen to them," explained Stoy.  "I said, ’We’ve made it to that stage.’  Everybody thinks it’s pretty neat." 

"Not pretty neat, they think it’s real neat," he added. 

"Crossword" is a $3 Scratchers ticket with a top prize of $50,000.  Popular with players, the game has become a regular theme offered by the Missouri Lottery.  The latest version of this game officially began on July 18.

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