2000-02-23 11:12:15.023


A maintenance manager for a Grandview manufacturing company cleaned up Saturday after winning $100,000 in Powerball. Gerry Gattenby, 43 of Raymore said he bought the Powerball tickets on a whim while he was buying drinks Saturday afternoon at QuikTrip, 15401 S. 71 Highway in Grandview. Gattenby, who was married last September, said he and his wife, Karen, did not get a chance to go on a honeymoon at that time, but they were planning to go to her home country of England this summer to meet her relatives. Gattenby said the money will come in handy for their trip. He also said some of the money will be put into savings for his five children’s upcoming college education. Gattenby let the computer select the winning numbers on his Powerball ticket. Those numbers were: 14, 23, 24, 45 and 48.

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