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Fulton Forensic Rehab Specialist Wins Fistful of $50's

Story Photo A Fulton man is $30,000 richer after winning the top prize on a Missouri Lottery "Fistful of $50’s" Scratchers ticket.  Ron Smith, 46, purchased the winning ticket on July 3 at Break Time, 405 W. 4th St. in Fulton.  The first-time Lottery winner scratched the ticket in his truck, and almost couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

"I saw that winning symbol and thought I won $5," he began.  "I kept scratching and saw $3,000 and then another $3,000.  I didn’t think what I was seeing was right, so I took the ticket back into the store to ask the clerk."

It was inside the store that Smith received confirmation that he was holding a winning ticket.

"The clerk said, ’Congratulations,’ and that he was happy he sold me the ticket," he added.

It was a very long weekend for Smith, who had to keep his ticket in a safe place for two days until being able to claim his prize at the Jefferson City Lottery office on July 6.

"I was able to get off work around noon today to claim the ticket," Smith, a forensic rehabilitation specialist at the Fulton State Hospital, noted.

When asked about plans for the prize money, the father of four said he will pay bills and "finish working on my basement."

"Fistful of $50’s," a $2 game with a top prize of $30,000, officially began on Oct. 4, 2008.  To date, the game has two top prizes, as well as thousands of $2 to $3,000 prizes remaining in play.

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