2000-01-06 11:15:49.153


Anyone wanting to know what it feels like to have luck on your side should ask Mike and Bonnie Heskett of Fenton. The Hesketts today claimed their fourth Missouri Lottery prize of more than $1,000, after matching all five numbers drawn Wednesday night in SHOW ME 5 to win $25,000 tax-paid.* Bonnie Heskett said the couple has been lucky over the years. In 1995, they won $100,000, the second-level Powerball prize, and in 1998, the couple won $5,000 playing Powerball. They also matched five of six numbers in Lotto once. "Mike was doing bills, and I was watching the drawing last night," Bonnie Heskett said. "I recognized the numbers right away, but I kept checking them over and over. I just couldn’t believe it." The Hesketts purchased their winning ticket at Stop N Go, 105 Delores in Fenton. They used family birthdays to select their winning numbers: 1, 3, 13, 19 and 29. * Twenty-eight percent federal and 4 percent state taxes are withheld from the total prize amount of $36,764.70 to provide $25,000 cash at the time of redemption. Depending on personal income, winners may owe additional taxes for the prize, or they may receive a refund.

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