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Courthouse Threesome Named Lottery Team of the Month

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Congratulations to the “Lucky Lotto Trio,” a group of three co-workers at the Putnam County Courthouse in Unionville!  The group was recognized as the May Lottery Team of the Month as part of the Missouri Lottery’s 2009 Lottery Captains promotion.  Each month, the promotion awards a Lottery group with a prize package and a feature at 

A team since 2006, the “Lucky Lotto Trio” was formed by Putnam County Circuit Clerk Mitzi Shipley, Recorder of Deeds Jeneen Roof and Deputy Clerk Susan Koenen.

“We share the same office in the county courthouse and the same dream of hitting the jackpot,” said team captain Mitzi Shipley.  “Our plan for the future is to share millions of dollars by winning either Missouri Lotto or Powerball – and you can’t win if you don’t play.”

The “Lucky Lotto Trio” pools their resources together every week for the Wednesday and Saturday night Powerball drawings, usually buying their tickets at CJ’s Convenience Store, Casey’s General Store or the local Hy-Vee.  Each player contributes $1 toward each drawing, using the Quick Pick option to allow the computer to randomly generate a set numbers for them.  They also play Lotto when the jackpot grows to more than $2 million.

When asked if the group ever thinks about what they would do with a hefty jackpot win, Shipley said, “We do.  When we win the jackpot, we have plans to pay off the banks, take our families on a great vacation, and there are some things we’d like to do for our community.”

The list of possible projects includes a new community pool, a recreation center and courthouse restoration.  They would also “like to see our school parking lot paved.”

So far, the group’s modest winnings wouldn’t put a dent in such big plans, but Shipley, Roof and Koenen seem happy to follow the advice they offer to other Lottery teams.

“Just have fun with it.”

Tell us about your players group!  Visit the Lottery Captains Page at for details. 

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