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Co-workers at LB Manufacturing Lottery Team of the Month

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Congratulations to “LB Scissors,” a group of 15 employees at the LB Manufacturing Company in Iberia!  The group was recognized as the March Lottery Team of the Month as part of the Missouri Lottery’s 2009 Lottery Captains promotion.  Each month, the promotion awards a Lottery group with a prize package and a feature at Molottery.com. 

“Our hope is to one day win the big one, so we can all retire,” teased team captain Sue Roam on the group’s official entry, noting that team members pool their resources together every week for the Wednesday and Saturday night Powerball drawings.  Each player contributes $2 toward the group’s pre-determined set of numbers, and Roam purchases the tickets at Fancers Convenience Store in Iberia.

“If you don’t play, you can’t win,” Roam said.  With that in mind, “LB Scissors” has one steadfast rule:  “When they join they have to play every week.  No skipping weeks.” 

It’s a formula that seems to work for the team that makes rainwear and outerwear for police and fire departments.  The group started with five players about six years ago and has continued to grow to its current membership of 15.

“LB Scissors” members include:  Sue Roam, Ali Roam and Tammy Bowling, all of Crocker; SueAnn Shaffner of Dixon; Pauline Hensley of Tuscumbia; and Ronnie Buechter, Shirley Mason, Pam Wall, Alice Newhart, Brenda Luttrell, Debbie Dake, Debbie Hill, Jane Humphrey, Jamey Becker and Kammy Hendricks, all of Iberia.  The list includes the plant manager, office manager, four supervisors, three customizers, four workers in the sewing department and one retiree.

So far they’ve won $100 on two occasions and they “usually get the Powerball number at least once a week.”  Winnings are used to purchase Missouri Lottery Scratchers tickets, Lotto tickets or an extra Powerball ticket using the Quick Pick feature.  They also keep enough on hand to “cover anyone who is out.”

Though the occasional thought of retirement may enter their minds, the group does take a pretty practical view on winning a jackpot prize.

“It would depend on the jackpot,” said Roam.  “Some would continue to work and some would retire.”

Tell us about your players group!  Visit the Lottery Captains Promotion page at Molottery.com for details. 

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