2009-02-23 11:36:29.313

Belton Marine Claims $50,000 Lottery Prize

“Killing time” before picking his wife up at the airport led to a $50,000 payoff for Daniel Hennessey, a United States Marine and father of four from Belton.  His stop for a french vanilla cappuccino and a “Crossword” Scratchers ticket at Express Super Store, 844 N. Scott Ave. in Belton, yielded the game’s top prize on Feb. 15.

It was a decision that allowed Hennessey to greet his wife, who was returning home from visiting family, with news of a big win – even if they “didn’t believe it until we checked at the Lottery’s (Kansas City) office.”

According to Hennessey, 38, plans for the unexpected cash are pretty straight-forward.
“To pay bills,” he stated simply.

"Crossword," a $3 game with a top prize of $50,000, officially began on Aug. 30, 2008.  To date, more than $10 million in prizes have been won by Missouri Lottery “Crossword” players.

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