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Ball Game Tradition Earns Fistful of Cash for Nevada Mom

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For Jennifer Sturdy, 37, of Nevada, away games for her daughter’s basketball team mean she’ll be making a stop “to get a drink for the road” and, sometimes, a Missouri Lottery ticket.  That ritual paid off recently as the former factory worker and mother of two won the $30,000 top prize playing the Lottery’s “Fistful of $50’s” Scratchers game.

Sturdy and a good friend, who also has a daughter on the same high school basketball team, made a pit stop at Tim’s Convenience Store, 320 N. Osage Blvd. in Nevada, and decided to purchase a few Scratchers tickets while they were there.  Sturdy uncovered a $3,000 prize while scratching her ticket in the parking lot, which simultaneously had her feeling “panicked… and pretty cool.”  But when the scratching was all said-and-done, she was happy to realize she had actually won 10 times that amount.

She immediately called her husband, Ronald, and her friend texted her daughter who was on the school bus en route to the ball game.  As often happens, good news travels fast.  In fact, news of Sturdy’s big win “got there before I did.”

The team didn’t win the ball game that day, but it still turned out to be a pretty good day for Sturdy and her family.  When asked about future plans for her Lottery winnings, Sturdy said her wish list consisted of “a more dependable vehicle.” 

Fistful of $50’s” is a $2 game which officially started on Oct. 4, 2008.  To date, more than $4.7 million has been won on “Fistful of $50’s” tickets by Missouri Lottery players.

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