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Jim Thomas, 39, of Hermitage is $25,000 richer after letting the computer randomly select his numbers for the Missouri Lottery’s $100K Triple Play game. After the long Memorial Day weekend, Thomas decided to test his lottery luck by buying a $100K Triple Play ticket on Tuesday, May 30, at Mertens Mini Mart, 1913 Southwest Blvd. in Jefferson City. It was not until Saturday morning, June 3, when he brought his ticket to the nearest gas station to check his numbers, that he realized he was a winner of $25,000. Thomas, a technician working in and out of state, is a "once in a blue moon" lottery player. He said he buys tickets "maybe once every three months." Thomas and his wife, Connie, plan to use their money "to get rid of some bills and start a retirement plan." His winning numbers were: 22, 24, 25, and 36.

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