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Barry Ferrell, 45, a disabled veteran from Mountain Home, Ark., got lucky on not only one Missouri Lottery Scratchers ticket, but two. Ferrell, a board member of the youth baseball league in Mountain Home, Ark., and his wife, Frances, were on the road to pick up supplies for the baseball teams. On their road trip, Ferrell was looking for low gas prices. When he got to the point that he had to fill up, he pulled over to Lazy Lee’s One Stop in Seymour where he purchased two "Big Money" Scratchers tickets. Ferrell scratched off one ticket and won $3. "I got my three dollars back," he said to his children. He scratched off the second ticket and "noticed $10,000 and then they (zeros) kept coming." Ferrell has many plans for his newly-claimed $100,003. He wants to immediately pay off all of his automobile loans. Eventually, he and his wife plan to take a vacation to St. Augustine, Fla., because "they love the beach." Buying a boat is another possibility.

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