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Gary Umsted, 58, a retired railroad-clerk from Independence, won $50,000 tax paid* after buying not one, but two SHOW ME 5 tickets for the June 19 drawing. Umsted spent his usual $2 on his first SHOW ME ticket last Thursday since he was planning to go out of town that weekend. After his car broke down, his plans for the weekend changed, and he found himself back at QuikTrip, 19010 U.S. 24 Highway in Independence, where he bought more tickets. "Once in a while I get the urge (to buy an extra ticket)," says Umsted, which is exactly what he did on Friday of last week. Suprisingly enough, both tickets matched all five numbers drawn that night to win two $25,000 tax-paid prizes. The winning numbers, which he selected using special dates and numbers, were: 3, 7, 12, 16, and 25. "This was well-timed," said Umsted, considering his car had just broke down. He plans to use the money to buy himself a new car with the winnings, since he currently drives a 1988 model. He also plans to put the rest of his winnings in savings. * Twenty-eight percent federal and 4 percent state taxes are withheld from the total prize amount of $36,764.70 to provide $25,000 cash at the time of redemption. Depending on personal income, winners may owe additional taxes for the prize, or they may receive a refund.

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