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Wellsville Cook Wins "5X The Money"

Story Photo audio icon A Wellsville woman responsible for the "Mile High" pie at Maggie’s Café in New Florence is looking forward to Christmas after winning $25,000 on a "5X The Money" Scratchers ticket.   Debra Williams, 49, bought the ticket after work on Nov. 22 at Brad’s Kwik Store, 603 N. Sturgeon in Montgomery City. 
"I usually buy them in the store and then take them out to my car and scratch them," explained Williams.  "I scratch my numbers off and if it has a winner on it, I’ll lay it to the side.  I don’t scratch my prize off.  I guess I always like to guess what the prize is going to be." 
Williams has another method for uncovering the prizes.  Instead of just revealing the amount with one scratch, she works backwards, building the anticipation.  With a "5X" symbol, she knew the prize would be multiplied by five. 
"And I started to scratch it off and I saw a big zero, instead of the two little zeroes," continued Williams.  "I was excited.  I kept scratching it off and got to that $5,000, and I was like, ’Thank you, thank you, thank you!’" 
Williams said she was going to use the money to pay off her car and a few other bills, plus spend a little on Christmas gifts for her grandchildren. 
"And we’re going to get new carpet in the house," said Williams, with a smile. 
After celebrating her good fortune over a hamburger with long-time boyfriend Teddy, Williams decided to stop for a candy bar at Casey’s in Wellsville.  Feeling lucky, she purchased a few more lottery tickets and won another $50.  She cashed that ticket and was feeling "rich," so she bought two $10 "Season’s Greetings" Scratchers.  One of those tickets held a $500 prize.
"It was a good weekend," laughed Williams. 
"5X the Money" is a $ 2 game that officially began on May 3.  Players can win up to 10 times and $25,000 on a single ticket.

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