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A Missouri Lottery player who buys tickets at King Super Store, 5002 N.E. Parvin Road in Kansas City, is $12 million richer after matching all six numbers in Saturday night’s Powerball drawing. The player has 60 days from the drawing to decide if he or she would like the prize in one cash payment worth $6,279,434.85 or $12 million spread over 25 annual payments. If you think you hold the winning ticket, sign the back of the ticket, put it in a safe place and call the Missouri Lottery’s Kansas City regional office at (816) 795-8811. That office is located at 3630 Arrowhead Ave. in Independence, behind Independence Center. This ticket is the 17th winning Powerball jackpot ticket sold in Missouri since the game began in April 1992. Missouri is ranked second in number of jackpot winners in the 21-member Powerball game. Saturday night’s jackpot winner will be the 154th Missouri Lottery-made millionaire since the lottery began in January 1986.

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