2008-09-16 16:13:03.287

Louisiana Woman Wins $100,000 Prize Instantly

A Louisiana woman and her daughter grabbed a soda and a $100,000 prize at Pick-A-Dilly Quick Stop 3, 221 Mansion in Louisiana, on Sept. 11.  Deirdre Lawson, 47, bought a Missouri Lottery ’’Mega Fortune’’ Scratchers ticket, and couldn’t believe what she was seeing when she uncovered the top prize.

According to Lawson, who had never played ’’Mega Fortune’’ before, the recent win was a huge surprise. 

’’I screamed with my daughter and the clerk when I saw what I had won,’’ said Lawson.

Lawson, a mother of three children, Stephanie, 28, Chris, 26, and Ashley, 24, plans to purchase a new vehicle with the winnings.

"Mega Fortune," a $5 Scratchers game, officially began on Jan. 12.

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