2008-07-14 16:24:58.48

Farmington Man Wins $50,000

Story Photo A Farmington man who regularly plays the Lottery has plans to pay bills after winning $50,000.  Lee Thomas, 46, was checking several "Crossword" Scratchers tickets at home and noticed that one was a big winner.  He had purchased the ticket earlier in the day on July 8 from Convenience Barn, 13 West Karsch St. in Farmington. 

"I was going through the tickets, and after triple checking it, we noticed it was a winner," said Thomas. 

Thomas, who works at Enterprise in Clayton, chooses the games he plays based on the odds of winning and the number of prizes remaining, which are available on

"Crossword" is a $3 game that began on March 1.  The top prize is $50,000.

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