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Joplin Woman Wins $30,000 Instantly

Story Photo A Joplin mom plans to buy her son a Nintendo® Wii™ after uncovering a $30,000 prize playing the Missouri Lottery Scratchers game “Fast $50’s.”  Traci Lacey, 35, said her son has wanted a Wii™ for a while.

Lacey, who is a manager at her brother’s business, Orient Express in Joplin, was on her way home from work and stopped off at Cody’s, 1832 S. Maiden Lane in Joplin, to pick some stuff up for her mom.   She was in the check-out line with her 7-year-old son, Daniel, and rarely ever plays but decided “what the heck” and bought five $2 Scratchers tickets.  Lacey then took them with her to scratch at her mom’s house.

“As I was scratching the first four (tickets) I got a little bit frustrated because the silver shavings were getting all over me,” Lacey said.  “It was a good thing I kept going, because I won on the last one.”

Her son ran upstairs immediately to his grandmother and said, “Me Ma, we just won $30,000!”  Lacey, then showed the ticket to the rest of her family to confirm that it was a winner.

“I will invest most of the money for the future,” Lacey said.  The big splurge will be a Nintendo® Wii™ for her son, who told her when she won, “Great, Mom, now I get a Wii™.”

The $2 game, “Fast $50’s,” began on Jan. 26.

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