2008-05-19 17:59:38.977

Goodson Man Follows Lucky Leads, Wins $20,000 Lottery Prize

Story Photo Finding a penny with the head up and a silver dime made a Goodson man think that maybe luck was on his side.  Johnny Campbell, 20, purchased his lucky Missouri Lottery "Big Bang Bucks" Scratchers ticket on May 18 at Cody’s, 3303 W. Broadway in Bolivar.

Campbell said he found the coins while at work earlier in the day.  After he got off work and went home, he said he started thinking about finding the coins and decided to try his luck buying a Lottery ticket. 

"I really just got thinking about how lucky my day was going," Campbell said.  "I thought I better not pass up the opportunity to try to win big."

Campbell said he purchased three of the $2 tickets, and it was the third ticket that was the big winner.

Campbell said he plans to use his winnings to make a down payment on five acres of land and to purchase a 50-inch flat-screen television and an Xbox 360. 

The $2 "Big Bang Bucks" Scratchers game officially began on May 3.

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