2008-03-12 15:47:15.513

St. Louis Trucker Picks Up "Jumbo Bucks"

Bosnian-born Samir Brkic, 33, is now a U.S. citizen living in St. Louis.  He owns and drives a truck and frequently buys Lottery tickets while crisscrossing the state.  On March 2, he stopped for some Red Bull and cigarettes and purchased a "Jumbo Bucks" Scratchers ticket at Christy’s Fuel, 8430 Hall St. in St. Louis.  While Brkic said he has won small prizes of $100 before, this ticket turned out to be the mother lode – the top prize of $100,000.
 Brkic said he has no plans for the money yet, except for making a few truck payments. 
"Jumbo Bucks" is a $5 Scratchers game that began on March 1.  Players can win up to 20 times on a single ticket, and top prize is $100,000.  

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