2008-01-29 15:14:10.657

Benton City Welder Uncovers Lottery Top Prize

Carl Paschang, Benton City, is $30,000 richer after uncovering the top prize on a "$30,000 Payday" Missouri Lottery Scratchers ticket.
Paschang, 20, said he had to sit down after realizing he won the prize on Jan. 27.  He purchased the ticket at Goodwin’s Grocery, Highways 19 & 54 in Laddonia.  He called his mother after discovering his win to share his good news.
"She didn’t believe me at first," he said.
Paschang said the $2 "$30,000 Payday" Scratchers ticket was "only about the fourth" Lottery ticket he’s ever purchased.
Although he doesn’t have any specific plans yet for his prize money, Paschang is thinking about using it to pay off his truck.
"$30,000 Payday," a $2 game, officially began on Jan. 12.

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