2008-01-15 09:05:59.533

O'Fallon Woman Guided to $77,000

audio icon When most of us hear voices in our head, we do our best to ignore them.  If they persist, we may contact a physician or seek medication.  When Myra Joyce of O’Fallon hears voices, she buys a Lottery ticket.  Joyce, 40, was doing her regular shopping the day after New Years at Shop ‘n Save, 24 O’Fallon Square in O’Fallon, and heard a voice encouraging her to purchase a “Lucky 7s” Scracthers ticket.  Joyce claims that this has happened several times, and that it usually results in breaking-even or doubling her investment.  This time, the voice led her to the Scratchers ticket top prize of $77,000. 
“I wasn’t going to buy that ticket,” said Joyce.  “But the voice kept telling me to buy that ticket, so I did.  I was teasing my co-workers that you have to decipher which voice in your head to listen to,” she said, laughing.
  Joyce said she doesn’t always listen to that voice in her head, but now she might start paying a little closer attention. 
“Lucky 7s” is a $5 game that began on July 14, 2007. 

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