2000-10-18 10:16:47.443


A Rogersville woman uncovered a 2001 Ford F-150 Lariat truck yesterday in the Lottery’s "Truckin’ to Luckytown" instant game. Lori McKnight, 32, said she bought two of the Scratchers tickets yesterday after she got off work. She bought the tickets at Underwood Express Mart in Rogersville, where she is the assistant manager. She scratched off the tickets in the car; the first one was the truck winner. "It’s my husband’s birthday present," McKnight told Lottery officials when she claimed her prize on Tuesday. Her husband, Mory, who is a state highway patrolman, will celebrate his birthday on Nov. 20. In addition to the truck, McKnight will also receive $500 for gas money, and the Lottery will pay 28 percent federal and 4 percent state withholding tax on the prize package. "Truckin’ to Luckytown" officially went on sale June 10.

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