2007-09-24 15:11:45.457

Midday Pick 3 Players Get a Second Chance to Win

The orange ball is back with the "Pick 3 Midday Bonus Numbers" promotion from the Missouri Lottery. Pick 3 players can double their chances of winning cash in the Midday drawing. From Sept. 30 through Oct. 27, the Lottery will draw the winning Pick 3 numbers along with a second drawing from among three white balls and one orange ball. If the orange ball is drawn, the Lottery will draw a bonus set of Pick 3 numbers, giving players a second chance to win cash.
"The orange ball will be drawn at least four times during the promotion," said Scott White, online product manager for the Missouri Lottery. "If for some reason it doesn’t get drawn four times, we’ll continue the promotion until it does."
Pick 3 is a twice-daily Numbers Game that offers players a chance to win up to $600. For more information, visit the

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