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St. Louis Friends Named Lottery Team of the Month

Story Photo Congratulations to "Zolderbek LLC" of St. Louis! The group was recognized as the Lottery Team of the Month for September as part of the Missouri Lottery’s 2007 Lottery Captains promotion. The promotion awards a Lottery players group with prizes and a feature at Molottery.com each month during the calendar year.
"Zolderbek LLC" is a group of three friends, who have played Powerball together for several years. The members are: Bret De Rousse (team captain), Robert Zollinger and Vincent Dombek.
The team got its name by combining their last names to create Zolderbek. They added LLC, which De Rousse said stands for Lucky Lottery Camaraderie Partnership.
Each member purchases $5 worth of Powerball tickets each drawing, and they have an agreement that they will share the prize if someone wins.
"We have given our word to each other that it’s ’one win, all win,’ and we will equally divide the winnings into thirds," De Rousse said. "We are close enough friends that we all know if someone won, we don’t need to worry about him all of a sudden falling off the face of the earth. We still believe a handshake is a law binding agreement, and a man is only as good as his word."
Zolderbek LLC plays every Powerball drawing. The group uses both chosen numbers and Quick Pick numbers for their combinations.
"We play every week religiously," De Rousse said. "If we’re going to be out of town, we have (playslips) made up for multiple plays so we’re covered while we’re gone. The big pots are nice, but we’re not major league athletes or movie stars. We don’t need mega millions to live a great life. A couple of million each would do just fine, and I’d be our lives would be every bit as good as theirs."
De Rousse said the team keeps playing each week to dream about what they would do if they won a big jackpot.
"When we win, we plan on immediate retirement," De Rousse said.
Tell us about YOUR players group! Visit the 2007 Lottery Captains Promotion page for details.

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