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Missouri Lottery Surpasses $3 Billion In Proceeds

Story Photo The Missouri Lottery today exceeded $3 BILLION in proceeds to the state of Missouri with its monthly revenue transfer of $20.6 million. The August transfer, based on sales in July, pushed total Lottery proceeds to the state, including education, to $3,014,894,547.
"During the past 21 years, the Missouri Lottery has provided the state and public education with significant funding for a variety of education programs and capital improvements," said Larry Jansen, executive director of the Missouri Lottery. "Without these funds, the state would have had to generate more than $3 billion in funding through tax increases, or it may have been forced to reduce services."
Jansen noted that the Lottery has not only provided the state and public education with funding, but it has also benefited the thousands of retailers who earn commissions for selling Lottery tickets and the millions of winners who have won prizes from $1 to $254 million.
The $3 billion in transfers represents the total amount in proceeds that the Missouri Lottery has earned since it began selling tickets on Jan. 20, 1986. Through fiscal year 1993, the Lottery’s proceeds of $542,540,033 went to the state’s General Revenue Fund. In August 1992, Missouri voters approved an amendment to direct all Lottery proceeds to public education, and since July 1993, when the law took effect, the Lottery has contributed $2.5 billion to the state’s public education system.
Proceeds from the Missouri Lottery have been used for a variety of programs, including computer technology and virtual instruction, the construction and the renovation of buildings, salary supplements and professional development training for teachers, helping at-risk students graduate from high school and providing state-paid assistance for students attending community colleges and technical schools through the A+ program.
"One of the newest programs to receive funding from Lottery proceeds is the Missouri Virtual Schools (MoVIP) program," said Jansen. "The Lottery has funded the program 100 percent during the past two fiscal years with more than $5.3 million."
The new MoVIP program was authorized by state law enacted last year, and the first academic session is set to begin this month. Private vendors selected by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) will offer the on-line Internet courses to students throughout the state at no cost, and classes will be taught by teachers licensed in Missouri. The program will make courses available to approximately 2,500 full- and part-time students who are homebound due to illness, students who need remedial help and students from smaller schools looking for a broader curriculum and Advanced Placement classes.
"Missouri is the 25th state to launch a state-sponsored virtual program, and we are very excited about the start of this first academic year," said Dr. Curt Fuchs, DESE’s director of virtual education. "The virtual classes will create new options and offer greater flexibility for students and schools alike."
Each year, Missouri Lottery proceeds are allocated by the state’s General Assembly during the annual appropriation process. These funds represent approximately 4 percent of the total annual funding required for Missouri’s public education system.
For each dollar spent on the Lottery, more than 96 cents goes back to the citizens of the state in one form or another. Sixty-three cents is returned to players as prizes, 27.1 cents goes to the state’s public education programs, 3.8 cents is used for administrative costs and 6.1 cents pays for retailers’ commissions, incentives and bonuses.
For more information concerning Missouri Lottery proceeds, including complete lists of public education programs funded since July 1993, visit the Missouri Lottery’s Web site at molottery.com.
(Editor’s Note: Supporting material for this release, such as photos of buildings built/renovated using Lottery proceeds, graphics, a fact sheet and a sheet exemplifying $3 billion, can be found in the media center.)


To General Revenue - $542,540,033.63
FY87 $80,000,100.00
FY88 $80,047,009.25
FY89 $93,102,306.37
FY90 $75,000,000.00
FY91 $76,179,083.01
FY92 $66,082,246.00
FY93 $72,129,289.00
To Public Education - $2,472,354,513.37
FY94 $110,573,071.00
FY95 $125,169,977.37
FY96 $132,311,303.00
FY97 $134,201,860.00
FY98 $147,134,560.00
FY99 $150,578,471.00
FY00 $155,819,955.00
FY01 $156,918,454.00
FY02 $160,092,441.00
FY03 $193,940,550.00
FY04 $230,318,233.00
FY05 $218,285,010.00
FY06 $260,300,831.00
FY07 $259,737,970.00**
FY08 $36,971,827.00 to date**
Total $3,014,894,547**

** unaudited figures

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