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Lottery Sales Hit Record $935 Million, Up 2.4 Percent

Missouri Lottery sales for fiscal year 2007 set a new record of more than $935 million*, surpassing the last fiscal year’s sales by $21.5 million, a 2.4 percent increase.

"Our Scratchers product did very well this past year," said Larry Jansen, executive director of the Missouri Lottery. "We added a third $10 ’mega’ game in January and introduced two Major League Baseball® Scratchers games in March."

Along with Scratchers ticket sales, the twice-daily Pick 3 and Pick 4 games and the Club Keno game also saw sales increases.

"The Missouri Lottery also sold its largest jackpot prize ever during fiscal year 2007, awarding a $254 million jackpot to a family in St. Louis," said Jansen.

Jansen noted that while overall sales set a record, they were lower than anticipated due to fewer high Powerball jackpots, gas prices, weather issues and lack of advertising dollars.

The record sales in fiscal year 2007 translated into proceeds of $259 million to the Lottery Proceeds Fund to benefit various public education programs. Total proceeds to the state, including education, since the Missouri Lottery began are more than $2.9 billion.

More than $824 million* in prizes were awarded to Missouri Lottery players during fiscal year 2007, increasing the total prizes awarded since the Lottery began in 1986 to more than $5.9 billion. Sixteen Missouri Lottery tickets worth $1 million or more were sold, awarding jackpots ranging from $1 million to $254 million. In all, $287.1 million in jackpot prizes were awarded during the past fiscal year.

Thirty-nine Powerball tickets worth $200,000 were sold in Missouri during fiscal year 2007, along with Power Play prizes worth $600,000, $800,000 and $1 million. Sixteen SHOW ME 5 Paydown tickets worth $50,000 tax paid were sold.

Retailers who sell Missouri Lottery products earned more than $57.5 million* in commissions, incentives and bonuses for selling Missouri Lottery tickets during fiscal year 2007.
  FY07 FY06
Lotto $33,955,803* $35,062,426
Pick 3 $65,091,441* $62,274,077
Pick 4 $24,015,251* $22,605,473
SHOW ME 5 PD $19,684,271* $20,861,442
Powerball $130,795,799* $151,772,839
Club Keno $53,273,105* $49,948,394
Scratchers $590,904,114* $550,961,109
Pull Tabs $17,409,171* $19,154,900
Dream Draw (06 only) - $877,591
Total $935,128,955* $913,518,251


FY07 $935,040,521*
FY06 $913,518,251
FY05 $785,597,632
FY04 $791,154,358
FY03 $708,047,512
FY02 $585,189,254
FY01 $508,301,104
FY00 $507,845,586
FY99 $513,251,456
FY98 $494,298,761
FY97 $439,592,300
FY96 $422,530,945
FY95 $411,664,824
FY94 $350,518,546
FY93 $256,675,345
FY92 $220,359,753
FY91 $216,240,866
FY90 $223,367,147
FY89 $199,202,382
FY88 $147,761,618
FY87 $174,081,815
FY86 $206,990,610
Total: $10,011,230,586*

* unaudited (estimated) figures

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