2007-05-29 16:10:11.117

Manchester Man Wins $12,563 Playing Club Keno

Story Photo Visiting with friends paid off for a Manchester man who won $12,563 playing Club Keno. Wedell Spray, 65, said he was at Carmody’s, 49 Clarkson in Ellisville, on May 26 playing Club Keno with some friends, when his seven numbers matched seven of the 20 numbers drawn. He also played and matched the Bulls-Eye number and won with the Progressive Jackpot.
Spray said he has played the same seven numbers for a while. He selected them at random. His winning numbers were: 9, 15, 33, 44, 58, 68 and 77.
Spray said he and his wife, Joan, plan to use their winnings to pay some debts, put some into savings and "have a little fun."
Players can win from $1 to $100,000 per $1 ticket per drawing in Club Keno. For an extra $1, players can win as much as $300,000 by matching all the numbers and the Bulls-Eye number in a 10-spot game. Club Keno players who play the six-, seven- and eight-spot games are automatically eligible - with no additional costs - to win the extra Progressive jackpot prize. Players can win this progressive prize along with the regular prize on a six-, seven- or eight-spot game. If the jackpot is not won during the drawing, it will continue to grow until it is won. The Progressive jackpot is pari-mutuel, so players will share the jackpot, based on the amount and the number of winning shares in each prize category.

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