2007-05-21 16:22:02.027

Overland Can Maker Wins $100,000 Instantly

A "can line" specialist for Graham Packaging in Maryland Heights recently uncovered a $100,000 top prize on a Missouri Lottery Scratchers game. Ronald "Ron" Pape, 52, of Overland, said the win came at a great time since he has had "a tough last couple of years."
On May 14, Pape decided to go to QuikTrip, 2621 Woodson Road in Overland, to buy $5 worth of Missouri Lottery Scratchers tickets. While there, another customer whom Pape knows bought a "Big Money" ticket, and he said to the clerk, "Give me one of those, too." To Pape’s surprise, he uncovered a $100,000 top prize on his ticket.
"It was an incredible thrill," said Pape. "It (winnings) will make my life more comfortable and less burdened."
Pape said he plans to use his prize money to pay off bills, buy a new plasma television, do some landscaping and replace his car stereo, which was stolen six months ago along with his car, which was recovered. He also plans to give some of the prize money to his church.
"Big Money" officially went on sale on Dec. 23, 2006.

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