2007-05-08 16:15:54.167

Gladstone Programmer Uncovers $20,000

Story Photo A Gladstone computer programmer is looking for a big screen television after he uncovered a $20,000 prize on a Missouri Lottery "Blazin’ Hot Bucks" Scratchers ticket. Darrel Bixby, 56, said he was on his way home on May 5, when he decided to stop at Trex Mart, 5810 Antioch Road in Gladstone to buy a couple of Scratchers tickets. He bought two of the $5 tickets, and found out that one was worth $20,000 and the other was worth $25 when he uncovered the prizes later at home. "Actually, I thought I only won $100," he said. "Then I said, ’Whoops, it’s more than that.’" Bixby, who is a computer programmer for UMB Bank in Kansas City, said he plans to buy a big-screen television with his prize money, "either LCD or plasma." He also plans to take a vacation. The $5 "Blazin’ Hot Bucks" game officially went on sale on March 1.

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