2007-05-08 16:15:29.337

Rock Port Waitress Wins $100,000 Top Prize

Story Photo A 24-year-old Rock Port waitress who went to the truck stop where she works to get more gas for her lawn mower ended up winning $100,000 instantly on a Missouri Lottery Scratchers game. Brandy Buttercase said she had $5 left over from her gasoline purchase, so she decided to buy one $5 ticket from the "Big Money" game. It turned out to be worth $100,000. "I was shaking," she said. "Since I work there, I had to tell everyone." Buttercase works as a waitress at Trails End, 1303 W. Highway 136 in Rock Port. She plans to use her prize money to buy a house, a car and invest some money for her 1-year-old daughter’s college education. "Big Money" officially went on sale on Dec. 23, 2006.

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