2007-05-03 14:44:21.16

Retired Hazelwood Woman Finds $100,000 Top Prize

Story Photo A retired Hazelwood woman who cashed in a $5 winning ticket and bought another $5 Missouri Lottery ticket is $100,000 richer for doing so. Shirley Macri, 66, said her eye went directly to a "Blazin’ Hot Bucks" Scratchers ticket when she was deciding what ticket to buy with her $5 in winnings on April 28, when she stopped at Discount Smoke, 6861 Howdershell Road in Hazelwood.
"I looked at it three times," she said, telling how she played the ticket in her car in the parking lot. "I asked my sister, ’Look and see if you see what I’m seeing.’"
Macri, whose only daughter passed away last June, said she thinks there was "divine intervention" in her decision to buy that ticket.
Macri, a former "cleaning lady" for the city of Herrin, Ill., said she plans to use her prize money to pay bills. She said the money will make "easier living for me."
She also plans to buy a new car for herself, give her ’92 Buick to her sister who needs a car, and give her ’93 Ranger truck to her grandson, who turns 16 in November.
The $5 game officially went on sale on March 1.

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