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St. Louis Woman Scratches Off $100,000 Top Prize

Story Photo A 22-year-old St. Louis (63128*) woman has more flexibility in her job search after she uncovered a $100,000 top prize on a Missouri Lottery "Blazin’ Hot Bucks" Scratchers ticket. Rachel Britton said on April 10, she stopped at 7-Eleven, 6197 Lemay Ferry Road in St. Louis, to buy a Red Bull energy drink before work. While there, she cashed in a winning Lottery ticket worth $10 that she had bought previously and used that money to buy one $5 ticket, two $2 tickets and one $1 ticket. The $5 "Blazin’ Hot Bucks" ticket turned out to be worth $100,000. I’m going to put a down payment on my house, save and pay debts," she said. "I also want to take my mom to the Grand Canyon; she’s always wanted to go there." In addition to treating her mom, she also plans to do something nice for her dad and 20-year-old brother. At the time of her win, Britton was working at a tanning salon and had given her two-week notice. Her last day was April 13. "I want to take time off to focus on my job search," said Britton, who graduated last May from Missouri State University in Springfield, with a degree in management. "Now I can be a little bit more selective about what job I accept." "Blazin’ Hot Bucks" officially went on sale on March 1. * winner’s zip code to help media determine coverage area

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