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Joplin Man Wins $10,108 Playing Club Keno

Story Photo A Joplin man plans to upgrade his computer and his car after he won $10,108 playing Club Keno on April 7. Michael Brown, 46, doubled his prize money by selecting the game’s Multiplier option, and he also won the Progressive Jackpot with the Club Keno ticket he purchased at Eagles, 1321 Main in Joplin.
Brown, who works in maintenance for Marriott, said he was practicing for a professional pool league when he decided to play Club Keno.
"I just picked adjacent numbers from the board - 2, 3, 69, 70 - and I thought I picked 74 and 75," Brown said. "Six of my numbers came up and I started getting everyone to cheer for 74 to come up, so I’d have all seven of my numbers. The 74 never came up, but when I looked at my ticket, I saw I had selected 75 and 76. The 76 had come up."
Brown’s winning numbers were: 2, 3, 8, 69, 70, 75 and 76. He said he’s not sure why he selected the number 8, since it didn’t fit his pattern. The number two was drawn as the Multiplier number, which doubled Brown’s prize to $10,000. The Progressive Jackpot amount was $108.
Both the Multiplier and the Progressive Jackpot features started on Jan. 16. The Club Keno Multiplier feature gives players the option, for an extra $1 per $1 play, to win up to 10 times the prize amount on all Club Keno base prizes. Prior to each five-minute Keno drawing, a wheel is spun to determine the Multiplier number. Players can win 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 times the usual amount - up to $1 million.
Club Keno players who play the six-, seven- and eight-spot games are automatically eligible - with no additional costs - to win the extra Progressive jackpot prize. Players can win this progressive prize along with the regular prize on a six-, seven- or eight-spot game. If the jackpot is not won during the drawing, it will continue to grow until it is won. The Progressive jackpot is pari-mutuel, so players will share the jackpot, based on the amount and the number of winning shares in each prize category.

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