2007-03-08 08:05:47.23

Missouri Lottery Introduces RSS Feeds at

Story Photo The Missouri Lottery implemented two Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds for visitors starting March 7. Players and media can use these feeds to stay informed about Lottery news and the latest winning numbers. "RSS works like an in-box for often visited Web sites," said Gary Gonder, director of communications for the Missouri Lottery. "It’s a way for visitors to keep up with frequently updated content on the Web. Users subscribe to a feed using RSS aggregators or readers. RSS readers can check a user’s feeds and display new content all in one place." There are many types of free downloadable RSS readers available. Readers are available in Windows, Mac and Web-based formats. Some popular RSS readers include NewsGator, FeedReader, RSSOwl, Google Reader, SlashDock and Bloglines. To learn more about the Lottery’s RSS feeds or to subscribe to a feed, go to

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