2007-02-08 14:39:45.11

Camdenton Man Buys One Ticket, Wins $20,000

Story Photo A Camdenton man bought one Missouri Lottery ticket and ended up winning $20,000. Thomas "T.J." Flanders, 37, said on Feb. 3, he stopped at Ballentine’s, 5681 Old Route 5 in Camdenton, to buy some Powerball tickets.
"I don’t usually buy Scratchers tickets," he explained.
But he decided to buy one from the "Big Money" game. He took the ticket home to play and discovered it was worth $20,000.
Flanders, who is the operations manager for Lake Mechanical in Camdenton, said he and his wife, Kate, plan to use the prize money to pay bills, buy a new gun and a four-wheeler.
"I’m getting my eyes fixed, too," said Kate Flanders, referring to having LASIK corrective eye surgery. The couple and their two children also plan to take a weekend trip to Springfield with their prize money.
The $5 "Big Money" game officially began on Dec. 23, 2006.

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